New Chief Commercial Officer At Mandara Pharma Inc.

Wolfgang Storf joins as Chief Commercial Officer.

Over 25 years of global pharmaceutical-, medical device-, digital therapeutics- and FMCG industry experience.

Senior executive at Novartis/Sandoz, Apotex, Johnson & Johnson

“I am pleased to welcome Mr. Storf to our leadership team. He is a seasoned senior executive with proven global, strategic and execution leadership experience, covering both commercial and technical operations, as well as regulatory and research and development responsibility in multinational and private businesses in the pharmaceutical-, medical-, FMCG- and digital therapeutics industry”, said Dr. Jeremy Desai CEO of Mandarapharma Inc.

Over the past two decades, Mr. Storf has been living and working around the globe in countries including Canada, USA, Argentina, Jordan, Austria, South Africa, Australia and Malta. He has built up an impressive market knowledge and professional network during that time. He has been employed in different C-level roles such as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Commercial Officer for multinational and family companies like Novartis-Sandoz, Apotex and Johnson & Johnson. Prior to joining Mandarapharma, Mr. Storf was CEO of his own consulting company, focusing on the emerging cannabis industry, digital transformation and global M&A projects with PE companies.

Mr. Storf has a highly successful record of establishing new markets, forging new regulatory pathways, launching breakthrough innovations, building strong brands and expanding into new geographical areas. Mandarapharma will also benefit from his significant experience in fundraising and strategic collaborations with global and regional companies.

Mr. Storf  holds a Masters in International Business Administration from the University of Innsbruck, Austria and Seville, Spain. 

In his role as Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Storf will be responsible for the commercialization of Mandarapharma`s product pipeline development, go-to market strategy definition and execution, as well as building strategic alliances to accelerate the access of our high quality products to both  patients and consumers around the world.