Safety, Efficacy, Quality, Consistency.

The cornerstone of a leading pharmaceutical company is to produce safe and effective products at consistently high-quality standards. At Mandara Pharma we believe the cannabis derivative in a product should be treated just as importantly as the starting material or the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) in a traditional medicinal formulation. For cannabis, there are three vital areas where Mandara Pharma controls the quality of the starting material: genetics, cultivation and tissue culture.

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    Mandara Pharma has strategically acquired a library of genetic cultivars in non-psychoactive CBD and psychoactive THC strains. These chemotypes allow us to customize our starting plant material through our Breeding Program to create specific levels of high-producing primary CBD & THC cannabinoids, as well as a variety of secondary cannabinoids. CBG, THCV and other secondary cannabiniods may have a greater role in treating certain disease conditions much better than alone with CBD or THC. Our extensive breeding experience combined with our rich library of chemotypes in cannabis and hemp are unparalleled compared to other existing programs around the world.

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    Our cannabis cultivation is strictly controlled by highly experienced growers who are trained in standard operating procedures (SOPs) as mandated by Health Canada’s Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). By following the steps outlined in the SOPs, our growers adopt and implement best practices and procedures in each step of the cultivation process. From our quality control systems to our highly controlled cultivation process, we ensure pharmaceutical-grade compliance every step of the way.

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    Tissue Culture

    Part of our quality assurance is the use of tissue culture plants in our cultivation program. Mandara Pharma’s tissue culture plants are produced in a laboratory environment as a sterilized plant which is then acclimatized prior to us growing the plant out in either a greenhouse or outdoor cultivation setting. The benefits of using tissue culture have been well documented for other agricultural crops for decades. One benefit of tissue culture is achieving the virtual elimination of pathogens and parasites that can often contaminate plants resulting in major crop loss. Lastly, we test each batch of plants and use advanced analytical methodologies, similar to unique DNA fingerprints, to ensure that cultivation variability is kept to a minimum.

    For our pharmaceutical processes, we will be able to show traceability from our sterile plantlet to our finished product and maintain ultimate consistency for every single batch produced.

    Mandara Pharma customers can be assured that there will be no disruption to our supply chain due to crop loss and in using Mandara Pharma products they will get exactly what they are expecting in every single purchase.

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    During the harvesting phase, the cultivated flower will undergo a series of transformation processes such as trimming, drying, extraction, and purification to produce either full spectrum or broad spectrum oils. Further refinement of the cannabinoid oils will enable us to produce other desirable cannabinoids for formulations into final pharmaceutical dosage forms such as soft gel capsules or tablets.

    The Mandara Pharma Transformation Staff are trained in strict Good Manufacturing Practices or GMP, to ensure that our final products meet global regulatory standards and are “fit for purpose”.

    Our extensive pharmaceutical and cannabis industry experience places Mandara Pharma in a league of its own and positioned to stand out from any other global cannabis operation.

    Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and laboratories throughout the world will be designed to the same standard as a non-sterile pharmaceutical facility and will operate to fully meet compliance expectations for all global regulatory agencies.

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    Clinical Trials

    Mandara Pharma brings experience and mastery to the entire cannabinoid drug development process, the same process that is used for traditional pharmaceutical drugs. In order to market any type of pharmaceutical product with specific therapeutic label claims, both pre-clinical and clinical trials need to be conducted. These trials are then subjected to an extensive review by the regulatory agencies such as Health Canada, FDA and EMA.

    Mandara Pharma’s successful track-record of bringing new drugs, generic drugs and medicines using complex delivery systems and biologic technology spans over 30 years and throughout every corner of the world.

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    Formulation Development

    Mandara Pharma products will meet and exceed the expectations of both regulators and consumers to create the most effective, easy to consume, high-quality product formulations. Mandara Pharma has extensive expertise in developing specialized pharmaceutical-finished dosage formulations in the form of tablets, capsules, transdermal patches, oral films and nasal sprays. Mandara Pharma will apply the same principles and processing techniques as the pharmaceutical industry to develop best-in-class cannabinoid formulations.

Mandara Pharma is committed to cultivating nature’s nurturing plant for the betterment of mankind.

Every step in our pharmaceutical value chain is designed to deliver safe, effective, high-quality products which consumers can rely on and come to love and trust.

The outstanding quality delivered in Mandara Pharma’s line of products will enable us to fully serve our customers’ needs and to live up to our global mission.