Safety, Efficacy, Quality, Consistency.

The cornerstone of a leading pharmaceutical company is to produce safe and effective products at consistently high-quality standards. At Mandara Pharma we believe the cannabis derivative in a product should be treated just as importantly as the starting material or the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) in a traditional medicinal formulation. For cannabis, there are three vital areas where Mandara Pharma controls the quality of the starting material: genetics, cultivation and tissue culture.

The Pharmaceutical Value Chain


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    A. Genetics - Tissue Culture - Cultivation

    Our expertise in genetics positions Mandara Pharma for dramatic growth and builds our value

    Our proprietary strains have advantages over those of the competition:

    • Strong and disease-resistant
    • Good match for drug development vs. specific therapeutic indications
    • Significantly high CBD content compared to average market strains leading to a) 50% reduction in biomass requirements to produce the same quantity of full spectrum oil. b) 43% reduction in COGS, thereby significantly increasing the profit margin across a diverse product portfolio – and c) oncreased extraction and processing efficiencies and equipment availability.

    Part of our quality assurance is the use of tissue culture plants in our cultivation program and produced in a laboratory environment as a sterilized plant which is then acclimatized prior to us growing the plant out in either a greenhouse or outdoor cultivation setting.

    Our cannabis cultivation is strictly controlled by highly experienced growers who are trained in standard operating procedures (SOPs) as mandated by Health Canada’s Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

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    B. Transformation

    Pharma-grade materials manufactured in partnership in a state-of-the-art GMP production facility.

    Our extensive pharmaceutical and cannabis industry experience places Mandara Pharma in a league of its own and positioned to stand out from any other global operation.

    We select state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and laboratories throughout the world that are designed to the same standard as a non-sterile pharmaceutical facility and operate to fully meet compliance expectations for all global regulatory agencies.

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    C. Product Development

    Mandara Pharma products will meet and exceed the expectations of both regulators and consumers to create the most effective, easy to consume, high-quality product formulations.

    Pharma brings experience and mastery to the entire cannabinoid drug development process, the same process that is used for traditional pharmaceutical drugs.

    In order to market any type of pharmaceutical product with specific therapeutic label claims, both pre-clinical and clinical trials need to be conducted. These trials are then subjected to an extensive review by the regulatory agencies such as Health Canada, FDA and EMA.•

    • Analytical characterization, formulation development including specialized delivery systems
    • Non-clinical studies (animals)
    • Clinical trials (humans) Phase I to III
    • Regulatory Submission

    Mandara Pharma’s successful track-record of bringing new drugs, generic drugs and medicines using complex delivery systems and biologic technology spans over 30 years and throughout every corner of the world.

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    D. Pharmaceutical marketing and distribution

    Our senior leadership has extensive experience in bringing pharmaceutical products from conception through production to market.

    We have a line of ultra-premium CBD wellness products already in the US market through MandaraRx.

    Marketing of our products and the development of consumer awareness of our unique brands will be of paramount importance in the face of changing legislation and the growth of global acceptance.

Cannabis Strain & Cannabinoid/Terpene Identification Approach