Pharmaceutical Cannabis for the Betterment of Mankind

Mandarapharma Inc. is an international pharmaceutical cannabinoid company

Mandara Pharma is deeply committed to delivering safe, effective, high-quality products for consumers by meeting the highest pharmaceutical standards for cannabinoid-based products.

Mandara Pharma combines novel technology platforms with targeted cannabis genetics.

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genetics and cultivation

Genetics & Cultivation

Mandara Pharma has strategically acquired an extensive library of genetic cultivars in both non-psychoactive CBD and psychoactive THC strains. Our cannabis cultivation is strictly controlled by highly experienced growers who are trained in Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as mandated by Health Canada’s Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

Products and Brands


We take the flower through a series of manufacturing processes, producing a broad and full spectrum of oils, and a variety of pharmaceutical dosage forms and vapes. We operate our manufacturing facility and analytical laboratories according to cGMP and cGLP guidelines to ensure that our products meet the highest quality pharmaceutical standards.


Products & Brands

CBD Products: 

  • MandaraCBD
  • Cosmetics – Aluna
  • Animal Food & Feed – Annam
  • Seeds – OBL & Marimberos

THC Products:

  • Seeds – OBL & Marimberos
Clinical Research

Clinical Research

Mandara Pharma’s team has a successful track record of bringing new drugs, generic drugs and medicines to the global market, spanning over thirty years of experience and throughout every corner of the world.

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship

Mandara Pharma has created a “Social Entrepreneurship” program to assist various indigenous groups and conflicted communities to participate in the legalized cannabis industry.

Global Operations



    Mandara Pharma Inc. has entered into a strategic partnership with MandaraRx (formerly known as BoomRx), a cannabis sales and distribution company headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.



    Through Mandara Pharma Colombia S.A.S., genetics, cultivation, GMP extraction and R&D programs are in operation in Roldanillo, Valle de Cauca and the Latin American headquarters in Cali. Mandara Pharma supports a social entrepreneurship program to assist indigenous communities.



    Through Mandara Pharma Spain S.L., a European corporate office has been established in Parc Scientific, University Politechnical of Valencia (UPV) to develop genetic strains and cultivation.



    Mandarapharma Inc. is a registered company in Ontario, Canada. It specializes in the pharmaceutical cannabis industry, holding licenses in Colombia for the cultivation, extraction, transformation, transport and export of both psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabis plants.


Our global footprint helps us develop pharmaceutical-grade cannabis, while actively encouraging social entrepreneurship that benefits the communities where we work.



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