A Global Leader In Pharmaceutical Product Development

 We currently cultivate, produce or distribute in the United States, Colombia and Spain, and have extensive plans for expansion into new countries and markets around the world.

Mission Vision & Values:

At Mandara Pharma, we strive to improve global economic conditions for our employees, local partners, communities, and the environment by developing sustainable production methods, and encouraging social entrepreneurship and consciousness.

Mandara Pharma is committed to cultivating Nature’s nurturing plant for the betterment of mankind.

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Our pharmaceutical value chain is unique

Our commitment to GxP processes for breeding, cultivating, transforming and formulating cannabis ensures that we use the best technology and methodologies to deliver the highest quality products

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Proven pharmaceutical expertise in R&D, marketing and scalable operational capacity.

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Proprietary genetics and cultivation experience shared collectively by a team of world-renowned cannabis breeders.

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Pharma-grade vertically integrated production structure and best in class build-up.

Our Brands

  • Mandara
  • Aluna Beauty & Wellness
  • Original Breeders League
  • Marimberos
  • Mandara Annam
  • AyurPet

Mandara Pharma offers an outstanding portfolio of brands such as Aluna Cosmetics, a biodiverse, natural, CBD-based line of cosmetics with exotic, Latin American ingredients;  Annam Food and Feed, a premium pet food and snack company with CBD formulations; and MandaraCBD, an innovative line of full-spectrum and CBD health and wellness products with effective delivery technology distributed by MandaraRX.

We also feature exclusive products from iconic, award-winning and world recognized cannabis brands such as Original Breeders League and Marimberos.


The Mandara Pharma leadership team consists of outstanding experts from both the pharmaceutical and cannabis industries. They share the common goal of creating the leading global pharmaceutical cannabis company in the world.

Meet the knowledgeable, diverse and passionate leadership team, who are driven to creating an international company that will serve our planet for generations to come.

  • Dr. Jeremy Desai

    Dr. Jeremy Desai

    President & CEO

    35 years' of knowledge and international experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Former President and Chief Executive Officer of Apotex. Inc. Canada’s largest independent pharmaceutical company.

  • Sharad Mistry

    Sharad Mistry

    Chief Financial Officer

    35 years’ experience in corporate finance and risk management. He is a Chartered Professional Accountant (Canada & UK). He has served as CEO, CFO and director for a number of public and private companies.



    Chief Commercial Officer

    25 years’ of knowledge and global pharmaceutical, medical device, digital therapeutics and FMCG industry experience. He has built up an impressive market knowledge and professional network during that time. He has been employed in different C-level roles such as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Commercial Officer for multinational and family companies like Novartis-Sandoz, Apotex and Johnson & Johnson.

  • Priscilla C. Agoncillo

    Priscilla C. Agoncillo

    Chief Business Officer

    15 years’ experience in the cannabis industry. Senior roles in creating and launching, several leading California-based cannabis companies in cultivation, distribution and retail brands. Co-founder of Original Breeders League, an internationally renowned award-winning cannabis breeding company.

  • Alejandro Londoño

    Alejandro Londoño

    Chief Cultivation Officer

    Internationally renowned master grower with 25 years of experience cultivating and breeding cannabis around the world with multiple cannabis cup award winning strains. Founder of Marimberos, a globally recognized cannabis brand. Served as the main consultant to the Uruguayan and Colombian government to shape cannabis policy.

  • Jim Sadegi

    Jim Sadegi

    Chief Genetics Officer

    Over 23 years’ experience in cultivation and breeding cannabis around the world. Multiple award-winning cannabis genetics. Jimmy “The Chef” is known to be one of the top breeders and geneticists for CBD cannabis in the world. Co-founded the award-winning cannabis breeding company Original Breeders League.

  • Gilberto Iragorri

    Gilberto Iragorri


    Extensive experience in formulating strategic alliances with public, private and governmental institutions. 15 years’ experience in sales, marketing and investment brokerage.

  • Alejandro Guzmán

    Alejandro Guzmán

    General Manager Mandara Pharma Colombia SAS

    General manager in multinational companies, with 16 years of experience in manufacturing plants in Colombia and South America, occupying management positions in logistics and production.

  • Angel López

    Angel López

    General Manager Mandara Pharma Spain SL

    Over 25 years’ experience in the IT sector in different multinational companies as General Director and being part of International Management Committees. Extensive experience in management, strategy and business development, leading multidisciplinary teams.

  • Jorge Cervantes

    Jorge Cervantes


    Spent the last 36 years teaching the world how to grow cannabis. Best-selling author of cannabis books-sold more than a million books in seven different languages.


Please email your cover letter and CV to work@MandaraPharma.com and we will respond with current matching opportunities.

Expertise and experience matter.

Our understanding of the entire pharmaceutical value chain helps us to deliver an outstanding family of high quality brands and products for individuals and their families.