A Global Leader In Pharmaceutical Product Development

Mandara Pharma has all the elements in place to bring a new world of healing to those suffering with intractable conditions

The potential of medicinal cannabis to treat a broad range of diseases and conditions is closer than ever to being realized

Those few companies that are positioned to make that potential a reality – that are built to succeed – will be rewarded with significant revenues over the long term

Our pharma heritage and experience in cultivation and genetics put Mandara Pharma at the forefront of this process. And our leadership and strong management ensure that we will finish what we’ve started

We currently cultivate, produce or distribute in the United States, Colombia and Spain, and have extensive plans for expansion into new countries and markets around the world

Mission Vision & Values:

At Mandara Pharma, we strive to improve global economic conditions for our employees, local partners, communities, and the environment by developing sustainable production methods, and encouraging social entrepreneurship and consciousness.

Mandara Pharma is committed to cultivating Nature’s nurturing plant for the betterment of mankind.

cannabis leaf, glass flasks and a field worker

Our pharmaceutical value chain is unique

We are building Mandara Pharma very carefully and deliberately, with 3 key capabilities at the heart of everything we do:

pill bottle and blister pack

Pharmaceutical experience in product development, manufacturing, regulatory compliance and commercialization.

dna strand

Expertise in genetic strain development & cultivation.

binary tree of arrows pointing upwards

Strong leadership and management.

Most companies in this space have one or two of these capabilities

We are determined to maintain and foster all three, as they are the key to long-term success and growth


The deep pharmaceutical experience of Mandara Pharma’s leadership team attests to a heritage, knowledge base, and expertise that are unmatched in the cannabis industry.

Meet the knowledgeable, diverse and passionate leadership team, who are driven to creating an international company that will serve our planet for generations to come.

  • Dr. Jeremy Desai

    Dr. Jeremy Desai

    Director & CEO

    35 years' of knowledge and international experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Former President and Chief Executive Officer of Apotex. Inc. Canada’s largest independent pharmaceutical company.

  • Roger Millichamp

    Roger Millichamp


    Over 25 years of international general management experience in all sectors of the pharmaceutical industry, leading business development initiatives, turning around underperforming businesses, and delivering outstanding results.

  • Sharad Mistry

    Sharad Mistry

    Director & CFO

    35 years’ experience in corporate finance and risk management. He is a Chartered Professional Accountant (Canada & UK). He has served as CEO, CFO and director for a number of public and private companies.

  • Richard Ruzich

    Richard Ruzich


    Internationally recognized patent attorney who focuses on complex patent litigation, representing generic pharmaceutical companies. He is an accomplished trial and appellate advocate, registered patent attorney, and frequent lecturer and author. He is also the CEO of a Michigan-based premium marijuana cultivation center.

  • Nick Anand

    Nick Anand

    Scientific & Technical Advisor

    Over 20 year of experience with senior leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies in the pharma & biotech industry, including management of capital portfolios, business operations, and expansion projects over $600 million around the world. An extensive background in design, build, regulatory approval, and operations of large-scale biotech, pharmaceutical, and cannabis facilities.

  • Alejandro Guzmán

    Alejandro Guzmán

    General Manager Mandara Pharma Colombia SAS

    General manager in multinational companies, with 16 years of experience in manufacturing plants in Colombia and South America, occupying management positions in logistics and production.

  • Angel López

    Angel López

    General Manager Mandara Pharma Spain SL

    Over 25 years’ experience in the IT sector in different multinational companies as General Director and being part of International Management Committees. Extensive experience in management, strategy and business development, leading multidisciplinary teams.

Our Partnerships Help to Drive Our Business Forward

Our collaboration with Strainprint, Clever Leaves, and a confidential R&D-focused pharmaceutical company allows us to:

  • Shorten R&D timelines
  • Increase the likelihood of a successful clinical trial program
  • Produce pharma-grade medicines and bring them to market
  • Share capital expenditures and operating expenses


Expertise and experience matter.

Our understanding of the entire pharmaceutical value chain helps us to deliver an outstanding family of high quality brands and products for individuals and their families.