Our Brands

Mandara Pharma is committed to cultivating nature’s nurturing plant for the betterment of mankind.

Every step in our pharmaceutical value chain is designed to deliver safe, effective, high-quality products which consumers can rely on and come to love and trust.

The outstanding quality delivered in Mandara Pharma’s line of products will enable us to fully serve our customers’ needs and to live up to our global mission.

Our line of products falls into 3 categories

We characterize the products designed to treat the conditions like depression, fibromyalgia or PTSD as Type 1

• Passed clinical trials

• Approved by regulatory agencies and registered as drugs

• Available by prescription only

• Generate the most revenues and greatest margins

We will also develop Type 2A and Type 2B products

Type 2A

• Not clinically-tested

• May be used as precursors in the development of Type 1 products

• May be sold or licensed to pharma companies as APIs

Type 2B

• Sold over the counter as health and wellness products (CBD)

• Medical practitioners may prescribe to treat anxiety, inflammation, etc.

• 2B products are already being sold in the US via MandaraRx

Bringing a family of trusted Hemp and Cannabis Brands to all

This industry is growing fast, making it increasingly difficult for consumers and investors to discern which organizations truly have superior regulatory and manufacturing experience. From genetics and cultivation to transformation and clinical trials, our family of brands represents the most refined and rigorously-tested CBD and cannabis products.