Our Brands

Bringing a family of trusted Hemp and Cannabis Brands to all

This industry is growing fast, making it increasingly difficult for consumers and investors to discern which organizations truly have superior regulatory and manufacturing experience. From genetics and cultivation to transformation and clinical trials, our family of brands represents the most refined and rigorously-tested CBD and cannabis products.

  • Mandara

    An innovative line of CBD and full-spectrum health and wellness products, with effective delivery technology, which is distributed by MandaraRX

  • Aluna Beauty & Wellness

    Our flagship cosmetic brand offers biodiverse, natural CBD-based cosmetics. Aluna is an enriched CBD line with exotic herbal formulas from Latin America, taking multiple benefits for the skin to the next level.

  • Original Breeders League

    Original Breeders League is an award-winning, globally-recognized California cannabis brand that offers premium genetics and a portfolio of unique and organic cannabis and CBD products.

  • Marimberos

    An award-winning cannabis seed company, originating from Medellín, Colombia. Marimberos is internationally recognized as the premium Latin American cannabis brand.

  • Mandara Annam

    A supplement company which develops innovative healthy pet foods and snacks, featuring specialized formulas to maintain physical and emotional balance for animals.

  • AyurPet

    Ayurpet is a premium pet food line consisting of high-quality CBD products geared towards a pet’s whole-body health and emotional well-being. Our CBD formulations are crafted by our PHD specialist in Animal Nutrition from Cornell University.